PAA is a new, transparent and integrated approach to more completely and successfully help professional athletes manage their careers. The current model used for helping professional athletes includes a large number of disconnected people involved with the athlete. In addition, athletes are often in the dark about many of the details of their careers. PAA creates a more transparent and integrated team of experts who share a common interest, the professional athlete.

I am a personal confidante within a business relationship who orchestrates the many critical aspects of an athlete’s career. These critical aspects include Agent, Business Management/Financial Advisor, Public Relations, Community Relations, Marketing/Endorsements, Physical Trainer/Fitness and Family Relations. I identify and manage the interconnections between all of these critical aspects creating a systems approach where each aspect is optimized. I accomplish this optimization by linking and monitoring each aspect through personal relationships with my expert team.

Working in sports, I have built a stellar reputation on building successful relationships with clients. It has always been important to me to focus on personal rapport directly with the client and their immediate family. Before they are my clients, they are people. I have come to learn how critical it is for the people I work with to not only have the utmost confidence in my professional abilities and deliverables, but to also have trust in me to help put their mind at ease. I have developed the this infrastructure in order for my clients to see how the parts of our team are integrated and how we transparently track performance metrics, thus building trust while delivering results.

Connecting is my strength. As a former athlete and current sports professional, providing assistance to athletes comes naturally.  If you’re an athlete seeking any of the services listed, she is open to presenting PAA as it fits your needs.